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Has it been a while since you’ve been to see a dentist?  Perhaps you are considering a new dental family.  If so, we highly recommend that you consider a new patient consultation and evaluation.  During this appointment, we will evaluate your oral health along with your smile.  It will take about 90 minutes and will include:
family dentistry
Complete dental and medical history review

Discussion of any specific concerns and future goals

Low dose radiation digital x-rays (up to 90% less than traditional x-rays)

Clinical evaluation of your gums, teeth and smile

Once all this information has been collected, together we will review the findings to create a plan that addresses your concerns and fits into your budget. By understanding all of the available options, you can make more informed decisions about your oral health care. Whether you decide to do all the recommended treatments, some of the treatments, or none of them, the choice is yours. We will discuss the pros and cons of all your treatment options. We will give you the flexibility to choose the options that best meet your needs and help you maximize your dental benefits. This meeting is a baseline for future comparisons and works as a foundation for a lifetime oral wellness master plan.